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Nothing Much to Do: Project I - Vox Pops

This is a fun literary webseries that I’ve been watching in my down time, thanks to a rec from clavisa/gifs of it repeatedly coming up on my dash. I’m not 100% caught up yet but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen! Much Ado is one of my favorites out of the Shakespeare comedies, save for some rather huge plot points related to Hero. The principles are charming, having the characters’ vlogs on multiple channels is always fun, dare I say it they remind me of some actual young vloggers I follow, and the bazooka(?) riff on Sherlock’s theme on the third channel is rather inspired did you guys ever watch The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Caesar on That Mitchell & Webb Look? Because it reminds me of that.

Check it out! And people who are already fans of this series should check out one of the lesser known modern adaptations of Much Ado About Nothing, one part of the BBC’s Shakespeare Re-Told series. Starring Damian Lewis and Sarah Parish and Billie Piper. It’s swell. Though I also of course love the most recent Much Ado adaptation from Joss Whedon starring Amy Acker and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Alexis Denisof. Yay Much Ado!

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This is beautiful. And on the topic of sleepovers and kids getting stuck in uncomfortable situations: My mom and I had a code, ever since my first sleepover. I would always call home to say goodnight, and if I asked “How is the cat doing?”, it meant that I wasn’t comfortable and I wanted her to pick me up. I did use this code a few times, and whenever I did, my mom came up with the excuses for me. I was never stuck at a sleepover I didn’t want to be at - and as a child with anxiety and social phobia, this was a great system.

posts like these are the reason i love tumblr

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